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I Love a Good Surprise.

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I love surprises. Good ones that is. Bad ones, not at all. No, not ever. They can go back to wherever they came from. Take a hike. Pronto. They deserve the return to sender treatment. Address unknown. No such number. No such zone. Thank you Elvis.

But happy surprises? Bring them on. My arms and heart are wide open. My body, mind and spirit are inclined. I love these.

A joyful surprise is one of the best gifts we can give one another. It doesn’t have to be some grand gesture. Or an ostentatious and showy extravaganza. It can be filled with the intoxicating scent of romance or the durable steadfastness of unshakable friendship. It can be a big deal or a small simple deed. On these occasions, size truly does not matter.

What matters most about surprises is that they be thoughtful.

Someone somewhere out there near or far is thinking of you. Just Little Ole You. At the moment of surprise conception, they want you to know just how dear you are to them. And when the surprise is successfully executed, you are so sweetly and beautifully reminded just how dear they are to you.

My happy surprise came on Friday afternoon, and like all good surprises, completely out of the blue and totally out of context. I was at work on the phone with my colleague Coralie from our Vancouver office and my other colleague Helen dropped this parcel on my desk. The address was printed in a way that looked vaguely familiar. I could feel the tiny neurons in my brain transmitting a message of familiarity. But it was imprecise and hazy. It was akin to seeing someone you think you know but can’t figure out how or where or when. You’re temporarily stuck in a muddle of confusion.

And then I shut that shit down and ripped open the parcel.

I was overcome with emotions – of the best possible kind. I began gushing effusively to Coralie. About twenty “oh my Gods” spontaneously and rapidly swept from my delighted giddy heart. Work conversation stopped. Nothing was more important at that moment. And we both know it. Like all good surprises, this one was made even finer by sharing it. Spontaneously. Naturally. Genuinely. It made us so happy on an otherwise ordinary Friday afternoon.

My delight was contagious. On the other end of the phone Coralie was equally gleeful.

“Take a picture and send it to me!”

I keep my promises.

And Flash, you beautiful man. I adore you. Always have. Always will.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.