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On The Day You Were Born.

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On the day you were born,

The world grew sweeter,

Less weary and worn,

A softer, gentler, place,

Enveloped in love,

Revealed its presence,

And found a home,

In our hearts.


The doors of heaven,

Opened wide with grace,

Angels celebrated,

A precious gift delivered,

Sprinkled with,

Fairy dust and magic.





Magnificently divine.


The earth exhaled,

Hope, faith, promises.


The sky wore a smile,

And the moon winked,

The stars shimmered,

And the sun bedazzled.


Trees danced and swayed,

To the music of eternity,

While Kingfishers gathered,

To honor your arrival.


A welcoming chorus,

A celestial choir,

A marching band,

Just for you Dear One.