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Wide-eyed Wonder.

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The exquisite thing about aging is the reawakening of wide-eyed wonder.
All the oohs and aahs of life seen through my own magical gaze.
And not those of my children or grandchildren.

For decades I saw everything through the eyes of the young in my charge.
Enchanting as the dust of fairies.
Dazzling as the diamonds in the sky.
All things spellbinding and sparkly, cast from the wands of wizards.

I saw it all through their crystal-clear unfettered perspective.
It was a beautiful awe-inspiring view.
A sacred privilege, the memory of which I hold dear in my mind’s eye, and as close to my heart as humanly possibly.

But now, all things fascinating, enthralling and magnificent, dreamy and delightful are again fresh and new, heaven-sent and divine.

Like never before.

I see the world around me as if for the very first time, with my own precious child-eyes. It fills my heart with such gladness.