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Bad Girls.

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I received some really wonderful gifts this Christmas. The best of which was spending time with my family, especially my adult children who come home every year for Christmas and become my three kids once again. Priceless.

Bringing tears of joy to my granddaughter when she opened her gift was a Christmas gift unto itself. Needless to say, I nailed it. And this is a memory I’ll take to the grave.

It was also so special to have our Homestay student with us, and to hear him exquisitely play Carol of the Bells was beyond the beyond. Simply divine.

The gift of music has always been such a beautiful part of our Christmas celebration brought joyously to life this year by my sweet bluegrass man and our talented friends. And the sound of my daughter-in-law’s laughter is always the best music of all. Heaven sent.

I am thoroughly grateful for all these precious gifts.

But there was also one mysterious gift that arrived in the mail just before Christmas, completely out of the blue and entirely unexpected. When I opened the package I was delighted and tickled and gleeful and pleased, and above all, honored by this wonderful thoughtful perfect gift. Bad Girls by Ann Shen. So fitting.

Thank you Girl Warrior Silk Questo. You are a rare and remarkable woman. A glorious Bad Girl. I am so grateful to know you.