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Be Real.

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Be real Girl Warrior. Authentically you. One hundred percent genuine and true blue to the bone. So damned legit that the mold was broken the moment you took your first breath.

Be the girl you are when you’re alone in your room. The girl who sings into the hairbrush. Or dances like a wild one. The girl who jumps on the bed with crazy abandon.  And cries in the mirror so bad the mascara runs like black rivers down her cheeks. A girl who curses at the ceiling and vows to never speak again. The one who drops to her knees and prays that someone or something is listening.

Be the girl who not only hears the music but makes the music. The girl who doesn’t just march to the beat of her own drum but runs, leaps and flies. She’s the leader of the band. Not the groupie. Be the girl who’s not afraid to be all this. And more.

Open the door to your room. Let the rest of the world see this strong Girl Warrior.