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Kindness is Your Superpower.

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When in doubt, always lead with kindness, Girl Warrior. First and foremost. It’s a powerful tool created within your heart. And manifested in your spirit. And so needed by every sentient being walking the face of the earth.

It is the soul and foundation of all things good. All things healing. All things heroic. All things Homeric.

You may fear that being kind is akin to weakness. Especially when confronted by difficult humans who try your patience. Push all your buttons. Aggravate you. Offend you. Or quite simply, you don’t like.  You may fear you’re setting yourself up to be a push-over. An easy mark. A doormat. A fool. Someone who can be taken advantage of and manipulated. That you’re sensitive, soft, and sentimental. And worse, too trusting. But quite the opposite is true. Having the courage to extend a kindness is a sincere expression of strength, especially when it would be much easier to flip someone off, push-back, dig your heels in or pick a fight.

Built into the act of kindness are other inherently powerful character strengths and gifts.

The ability to see things more deeply. See beyond the moment, the circumstance, the situation. Understanding that there may be more to the story. More than meets the eye. It’s not always what you think, at first blush. If you look closely, you will see the naked truth beneath the surface bravado.

The ability to hear what’s not being said. For that is often more important and insightful. The willingness to hear, to really listen to another’s point of view. Especially one that conflicts with your own. And sometimes if you listen carefully and thoughtfully, you will hear a despairing cry for help.

The ability to be vulnerable. To be able to stand before someone and open your heart fully. And say, this is who I am. I am here to know you. Not to condemn you. I am here to extend compassion and to nurture. Not hinder. I will not give up on you. On us.

Leading with kindness is key to moving the conversation forward. We’re stuck otherwise. Caught in a stalemate. Deadlocked. And quite frankly at a dead end. Nothing gets accomplished when this happens. No one is seeing. No one is hearing. No one is vulnerable.

Regardless of what is going on in your life, both personally and professionally, always be mindful that kindness is your true superpower.

Girl Warrior, kindness transforms everybody.