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Go for the Long Shot.

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Girl Warrior, take up the challenge of going for the long shot. Whatever the undertaking or venture may be. Yes, it can be scary. Daunting. Intimidating. Overwhelming. It may appear too big to tackle. Or out of reach. Like there’s not a hope in hell of succeeding.

You may start to tell yourself lies. That it’s a bad idea. Beyond your scope. Beyond what you’re capable of conquering. Beyond the beyond. You fear being laughed at. Or mocked and ridiculed. But the truth is, your biggest fear is that you’ll fail. Fall flat on your face. And never recover.

This is all just bullshit baffling brains and stinking thinking. Designed to make you think you can’t when you can. You absolutely can.

Girl, this is the kind of thinking that shoots down a good idea at conception. Before it’s had a chance to percolate much less launch. It’s the hole-poke in the party balloon. The submarine sinking. The ultimate self-sabotage. And worse, the un-watered seeds left to shrivel underground.

Don’t let that happen.

Instead, muster your courage. Collect the clever thoughts that inspired you in the first place. Take a deep breath. Then another. Throw back your shoulders. Adopt a take-no-prisoners attitude. Then stop being your own worst enemy and get out of your own way. Take the leap without hesitation. Do it before you have a chance to change your mind, your heart or lose faith.

Girl, you have nothing to lose really. And much to gain. But you’ll never know unless you give it a shot, despite how long it may seem.