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Be Sweet To Yourself.

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Be sweet to yourself, Girl Warrior. Think of a sentient being, a pet for example or a human you cherish, and examine thoughtfully how you treat them, how you interact with them, how you speak to them, how you care for them. And most importantly, how gentle and loving you are towards them. Your intentions are unimpeachable. No question.

Think of how much you adore them and hold them in the highest regard. Consider your desire to keep them close and safe from the harshness of life, or unkindness of any sort, for that matter. Meditate on what a treasure they are and how you hold them so dear. So very dear.

Your greatest desire for them is that all good things come their way, that they receive the best that life has to tender. And that they are loved beyond comprehension. Quite simply, they take your breath away. It’s that powerful.

Reflect on the happiness that fills your heart just by being in their presence. How your life is enriched, solely by their sheer existence on this planet.

Imagine that you are holding them delicately in the palm of your hand, gazing with awe and wonder at their magnificence, their magical essence, their mysterious soul, their captivating spirit. Understand fully, in every fibre of your being, just how lucky you are to have had the privilege to walk this earth, in this particular lifetime, with them. If even for the briefest of times, the fleetest of moments, the most ephemeral of journeys.

Now imagine that you are that being, Girl Warrior. Put yourself in the palm of your ever-loving hand. Hold yourself in the same regard. It’s imperative. And be your own sweetheart.