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What If.

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Girl Warrior, don’t concern yourself with the ‘what ifs’ of life. That’s a guessing game for the foolhardy. A time waster. An endless rabbit hole designed to disappoint anyone who dares to venture downward. A dreamer’s demise.

Instead of wondering what could have been if only you had done this, that or the other thing. Stop. Stop right there, girl. Get off the train of regret. The bus of pointless pining. And start walking toward what is and what could be. Paint the art of the possible. Pursue that.

Live in this reality, not some imaginary place that doesn’t exist, and never really did. And most importantly, doesn’t matter. Certainly not in the context of your present life.

The what ifs in life are artful tricksters and practical jokers making you think that there was something better for you, if only.

What ifs are cheaters robbing you of your most precious commodity. Life in the here and now lane. What ifs are cold calculating grifters with only one purpose. To take your hand and lead you haplessly up the garden path to nowhere. Or to the domicile where disappointment dwells. What ifs will do anything to deceive you into believing that there was something better for you on the path not taken.

But you’ve made your choice, girl. And yes, it was a choice.

Truth is, you’ll never know what could have rained down on you had you made a different choice. We can only imagine. Speculate. Theorize. Hypothesize. We’ll never really know for sure. Because that ship has sailed. Yes, it could have been better. You might have been happier, healthier, wealthier. Or not. That place, that what if place, could also have been worse. Far worse.

So stop torturing yourself. Stop looking for something that doesn’t truly exist. Stop staring into the abyss of false delusions. It’s a heartbreaking endeavor and ill-advised at best. Look here, Girl Warrior. Gaze into the gift of present moments, the artistry of possibilities and the audaciousness of dreams. That’s where your power and strength breathe and take flight. The beautiful, glorious, unlimited life held tenderly and passionately in your hands, is right here.

The ‘what is.