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From Me to We.

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Go from me to we Girl Warrior. Let that thought sink in for a moment. Now take your eyes and your mind and your thoughts off yourself and take a long hard look at the world around you. And ask yourself this question. Is the relentless pursuit of self-improvement, self-growth, self-development, self-awareness, self-actualization and ultimately unconditional self-love really enough?

It is if this thing we call life was only about you. But the truth is it isn’t.

It’s also about every other living soul and sentient being, both inside and outside, of your personal orbit. And we’re all transients merely passing through this very particular time in evolution and history together. In essence we are all one great big colossal messy interesting complicated tangled perplexing challenging happy sad tragic joyous exceptional ordinary family. We are more alike than we are different. We are more homogeneous than we are disparate. And we need each other more than we often realize. Or care to admit.

We don’t journey alone. We don’t rise or fall alone. We don’t win or lose alone. We don’t make it alone. We may die alone but we certainly don’t live alone. And this is the truly beautiful part. This is the part where we get to grow outside of our own skin, beyond our own needs, wants and desires to become towering extraordinary spiritual beings having very human earthly experiences.

It is here that we get to be stellar and as vast as the night sky. It is here that we get to express our extra-special-terrestrial nature. It is here that we get to extend our hand to another and humbly say, “I am here for you.” Not as a perfect being, but as a willing one. Willing to do whatever it takes. Not just when it is easy or convenient but when it is so bloody hard and painful, when our nails are bitten raw and our knees are scraped to the bone, when the blood pores from our fragile hearts and our breath is squeezed and forsaken.

Here to help, as selflessly as humanly possible. Here to traverse from the other side of me to the divine place of we. Starting today Girl Warrior, go out and do something that isn’t about you.