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Stop Being a Nice Girl.

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Girl Warrior, stop being such a nice girl. A good girl. A sweet girl. Flush that sugar and spice and all things nice crap down the proverbial toilette along with all the pink cupcakes, sky-high-heels, rom-coms and pom-poms. Take the cotton candy and honey pie out of your vernacular and shove it in that spectacular place where the sun don’t shine.

These may be enjoyable things to eat, watch or wear but they have precious little to do with who you really are. You are way more than this. And being way more than this, being authentic, speaking your truth, working your inside out just may piss some people off. Offend others. Shock and surprise more than a few. Send some running in the opposite direction. Even the ones that supposedly held you in high regard or loved you unconditionally.

Girl Warrior, stop hiding your bad girl. Defiant girl. Naughty girl. Your gloriously feisty, unruly and rebellious girl. Bring her out of the closet, out of the bathroom, from under the bed, from under the rug, out of the box and most importantly, out of containment. Remove her from wherever it is that you stash your most valuable possessions, best-kept secrets and venerable treasures.

Unleash her. Unearth her. Cut the tether. Set her free. And bring her into the light.

Let her speak her mind. Without reserve, restraint or reticence. Let her express her feelings. Without shame, shyness or suppression. Let her take the biggest badass risks of her life. Fearlessly, ferocious and flagrantly. And when necessary, let her offend, exasperate, irritate, anger, upset, and yes, oh yes, piss people off. Big time.

Girl Warrior, let her substitute affected politeness and people pleasing for radical honesty and extreme integrity.