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Say You’re Sorry.

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Say you’re sorry Girl Warrior. When called for. When justified. And most importantly, when the shoe fits. Step up and do the right thing. Without hesitation. Waffling. Or second thoughts. Do not employ any delaying tactics. Avoidance strategies. Stalling for time. And excuse making. Just don’t. It only makes things worse. Compounds the hurt. Piles on insult to the original injury.

If you’ve said something, done something, or caused harm in any way, there is only one course of action. It comes directly out of your mouth and straight from your heart. Three simple little words with profound power. And mighty impact.

Three simple little words that have the capacity to change perspective, rebuild and repair relationships, transform self-esteem, restore good feelings, strengthen bonds, deepen love connections and ultimately provide the greatest gift of all. Heal the heart. The beautiful, breakable, fragile heart that beats within us all.

Three simple little words Girl Warrior that should roll easily off the tongue. But so often don’t. They get stuck in your throat or on the tip of your tongue. And seem impossible to spit out. No matter how hard you try. Regardless of whether or not you want to say them or know you should. That’s not the point. At the end of the day you have to get over yourself, and whatever it is that’s holding you back from putting on your big girl pants, and doing the right thing. Saying the three little words that will set you free.

I am sorry.