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Kornelia Stephanie. A New Human Bringing Peace to the World.

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Today we raise our fists high and put our hands together in celebration of our Feature Girl Warrior, Founder of Empower Network, Kornelia Stephanie, the champion of humanities sovereignty, empowering all into authentic expression; inspiring self-healing, self-love, self-leadership, self-empowerment and returning to the basics of co-creating the New Earth in harmony with Nature. Kornelia is a respected, leading edge evolutionary for personal transformation and leadership. She is an Author, Intuitive Mystic and Passionate Speaker, Powerful Living Coach, Creator of Universal Wholeness Coaching Program, Co- Creator and Igniter of Creative Heart Retreats in La Conner, Washington. Known as a Transformer, a lightning rod with laser beam focus, who takes full responsibility for everything in her life, Kornelia empowers others to do the same. Transformation and radical change are her hallmarks – for herself and others. Her life’s work has been undoing all old conditioning, old beliefs, and healing her emotional core wounding. Through this work, she has achieved self and life mastery, and through her own transformation – having emotionally processed the entire Universe though her physical body – she is now out of the way to passionately lead others into themselves. Kornelia’s newest online creation, Creative Light Vibration is an innovative catalyst to assist all to embody, through their own experiences, the consciousness of the living word. Speaking our world into being. As a Way-shower, Kornelia demonstrates how it’s done and shares the experience along the way!

What makes you a Girl Warrior?

What makes me a Girl Warrior is that I’m not a victim of any experience that I find myself in. I stand for peace on a planet where there is war but first I have to transcend the consciousness of war within me.

I’m passionate about humanity’s sovereignty, the authority over one’s own life as empowered creation. As an Energy Intuitive, I help people transform their lives by releasing outdated beliefs, patterns and habits that keep them stuck.

I’m brave, I have courage, I’m resilient, and so are you.

You’re a well respected “evolutionary” for personal transformation. What is a New Human? 

The New Human is you becoming your true self. The New Human is fully conscious, awake to the truth of who they are, realizing they have been there all along, and fully content being who they are. The New Human is a template of the new earth, vibrating unconditional love and living in harmony with nature. The New Human has superpowers and is willing to use them. All the limitations of the past have been transcended into wholeness. The New Human knows how to process fear and doubt and knows that it isn’t real. The New Human is self-realized, a living God in form.

What does it mean to embody the Divine in the physical and why is that so important?

First, what is the definition of the divine? It’s godly-saintly, form of God-angelic-holy sacred heroes with divine powers. It means that you have remembered the truth and now have taken on that responsibility to live in your truth. It means that you are now living in your integrity with who you are at the core of your being. It means that you have the courage to be a Girl Warrior.

And why is that so important? Because it is the truth and the truth will set you free…the truth is where you are going. The evolution of our planet calls for it. It’s important because you will bring healing to your soul.

In your book, “Peace, the Flip Side of Anger” you talk about Heaven on Earth. How do we create that, especially given the state of the world today?

Heaven is a state of consciousness that is realized within your being after transcending the old world consciousness, releasing the separation, the core wounding, letting the old world die out of your physical body. Heaven is a state of consciousness that is experienced by the New Human – the divine in the physical and is where God lives. Heaven is a state of consciousness, a paradise in you that is holy, that is lived and experienced by each person.

In today’s reality, we don’t need to die to go to heaven, we need only to let the old beliefs, the pain, the suffering, the hell we find ourselves in, die so we can create paradise right here on earth. The New Humans, fully awake and aware, know that God is inside of them, that they are living heaven on earth.

You were a drug addict for 13 years. What did you learn from that experience?

I was numbing myself. I was numbing my pain. Once I stopped numbing, I started feeling – feeling all the suppressed emotions that I was numbing from my past – my dysfunctional childhood, the shame and sexual abuse. Not feeling like I belonged in this world. Not feeling like I had any self-worth. I wanted to die. I did not want to live.  I learned that we have the power to overcome anything that life shows us, that we have the power within ourselves to love and heal anything. I learned how courageous I was when I began to invite love into my being. I learned that being vulnerable is the new strength and that living with my heart broken open is the only way to heal. I learned that I was afraid to embrace my power. I was too ashamed to claim my power, to accept and cherish the gifts of my divinity. I would allow the addict and the inner saboteur in me to keep sabotaging my life so I could keep the victim in me alive and tell the poor-me story that I had attached to all the toxic relationships or bad things that were happening in my life. I learned that I had many angels on my team and divine intervention took place many times, assisting me in learning to love myself. I learned that the universe is a friendly place. When I started looking inside, I saw that the universe, peace, love and the whole world is an inside job.

Was there an “aha” moment that woke you up?

It was more than an “aha”, it was a matter of life and death. If I had continued on the path of doing drugs I knew I was going to die. So it came down to making a choice of wanting to live and being willing to do whatever it took to live my life drug-free. It was fucking hard because in the beginning of making such a choice you’re tested to see if you’re seriously committed to such a choice.

So is the universe testing you? Is it the dark energies that are testing you?  Are you testing you if you’re committed to the good?  What is it, really? I came to the conclusion that it all comes down to your choice, moment to moment. You choose life or you choose death; you choose love or fear. It comes down to that. Every moment you are reborn, again and again with every choice, choosing to love yourself instead of letting the addict in you win. We die many deaths in this life. Transcending the shadow, the wounded ego, the victim, all require us to learn how to live life with just being YOU.

What do we need to know “for sure” about transcending the victim consciousness and reclaiming the gifts of our divinity?

That time is now. Once you heal the emotional body and heal the perceived separation from Source, from God, you transcend the victim into the empowered conscious co-creator. You realize you have kept yourself small and limited and you refuse to live that way any longer. YOU choose to release all resistance. Awakening is a painful process because we have to clear the past from our physical bodies. And the only way to clear that is to move through the process and the process is uncomfortable because there’s going to be a lot of feelings and emotions and beliefs that are going to be experienced on the spiritual journey. The beautiful thing is that once you make it through this process and you awaken to the truth of who you are, it’s like you are then living another life, a true life, in this life. To embrace the gifts of your divinity, to embrace who it is that you are, your shadows and all of your shortcomings, to transcend that victim energy and move into your truth, is to create what we all want, heaven on earth.

Your newest creation is an online membership portal, Creative Light Vibration. Sounds fascinating! Tell us a bit about that and how can Girl Warriors become a part of it?

Go to and sign up for it and reprogram yourself daily. Catalyze your rebirth with your voice daily in a safe environment. It’s good to have a tribe or community, which offers a safe place to express, create and nurture each other. My online relationships portal is a thriving global membership. It’s an innovative catalyst to assist all to become acutely aware and embody, through their own experiences, the power of the spoken word, the power to speak our new world into being.

Sign-up for the daily invitations to realize yourself and learn from others, to raise your vibration and contribute your vision of heaven on earth. It’s a place for you to practice your spirituality in the comfort of your own home or car if you are driving to work. It’s a place you can trust, that keeps you engaged in maintaining your daily vibration so you don’t fall into the rabbit hole.  Join the network of people who, like you, are raising their frequency every day.

What has been your most daunting challenge?

Embodying the fullest expression of love into my physical body is the short answer. The longer one involves what it takes to get there, having to transcend, for example, the lack consciousness on the planet and in myself. I’ve had to have money to live, to survive, while ascending/descending into my physical body. The ascension energies are about bringing light into your dense body and in the beginning the processing, the healing and the sleeping I had to do in order to hold this new light has been the most daunting challenge.

Among the daunting challenges has been to bring the spiritual into the material and get paid for it. Claiming my worth, my value, staying true to the holy in me. Charging what I am worth and to keep rising after every failure.  And transcending the lack consciousness of duality into perceiving pure abundance has not been easy by any means. Nor has being a girl, a woman, bringing that female energy into equality with the consciousness of the Christ energy and living and being that energy in form. Or, to put it another way, it’s not been easy to find acceptance as a God-like equal to the masculine energy of the Christ. What we are experiencing here has never been done before until now.

What obstacles have you overcome and walls have you broken down?

There was so much negative programming within me. I began to question everything: Who AM I? I was a suicidal soul, overcoming many challenges in my life, self-hatred, addictions, being a victim and feeling powerless in so many areas. It’s a miracle that I am alive today. My life story has been very interesting. At the root of my core wound I had this self-hatred, which I was always trying to cover up and hide. I have since transformed every single misery in my life into complete pure love, and that is a miracle. I have completely reprogrammed myself from negative to positive, making the unconscious conscious in every area of my life. All of my limiting beliefs – I was programmed in my subconscious, from my upbringing, my family, my conditioning, and by society – were examined and investigated for truth and what was not was rejected one by one. Gifted by life’s experiences, I courageously began to open up and willingly look at the beliefs that kept me in bondage and was soon able to perceive the miracles in my life.

Being role models of peace is a bold choice we all need to make. I learned that peace is an inside Job and if I wanted peace in the world I had to be at peace with myself. How could I be at peace when I felt so angry inside? I found that underneath my rage, underneath my anger, was a treasure to behold. Once I accessed it, the truth was told. I learned to master my emotions and liberate myself so I could be a good role model and be the change I wanted to see in the world. Peace is an inside job and it begins with me.

How do you stay well?

That’s easy. I practice living my life in balance. Every day, every moment that I am conscious, I think about the divine expression coming through me and let go of what is outdated. I release anything that comes up in me that has been suppressed. Emotional processing, emotional healing is done every day until there is nothing left but feeling well all the time. When I first started emotionally processing, I was in pain all the time and now my emotional body is happy and healthy. My physical body gets plenty of exercise and walks and hikes in nature. I do yoga and I’m conscious with my breathing. I love singing and dancing, and I have healthy relationships with people who love me. I have been in a relationship with a wonderful man and we experience great love together. We have many things in common and we each bring our own unique essence to the relationship. We have great sex. Deep intimacy is something that has been a priority to me.

I speak my truth all the time, which has the cells in my physical body responding in kind. My diet is Ketogenic, where I eat fat to burn fat as fuel and have cut out sugar for the most part. It’s not consistent and so continues to be a work in progress. One thing my body really loves is intermittent fasting. I eat two meals a day and will continue on improving my food intake. Over these next years I am looking forward to playing more and allowing that inner child to call the shots more now than ever before.

You’ve overcome a lot of childhood pain, wounds and feelings of worthlessness. Looking back on the journey, what would you tell your younger Girl Warrior? 

Love yourself. Let the inner child come out and play. I can’t believe that I used to have a thought that was attached to an emotion that was attached to a belief that I was not good enough and that I used to make choices that reflected that belief.

What would you say to the next generation of Girl Warriors looking for inspiration?   

You are so loved beyond what you can imagine. Look inside and see the amazing beauty you are. Mother Nature is always reflecting the beauty you hold. You can see it in a sunrise, or a flower beginning to open. Never underestimate your abilities to deal with whatever is on your path. You already have everything you need inside you. Hold yourself in high esteem and surround yourself with friends and people who respect you. Respect yourself and that will be the reality that the universe will help you with. What do you want to do with your life?  What do you want to inspire us with? You have a dream, a unique piece that only you can bring. Shine your light, be yourself to the max, no matter what your past was about. YOU are radiant, beautiful child of God and as god you deserve the best. Bring your creativity, bring your song, bring your heart. Bring you.

Who is/are your Girl Warrior hero(s)?

Every single woman reading this, who is choosing to step into her power and into her authority, is a hero. Every single girl who rises above the victimhood and powerlessness she feels is a hero for all of us. My mentors, such as Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Byron Katie, Susan B Anthony, Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary, are all my Girl Warrior heroes.

What’s next and where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Building my thriving Empire. I have a wickedly, wildly successful radio show building my communication empire and thriving online business. I share the expression of my divinity that is fun and exciting for people. I am building the heart of my home and business, nesting and being of service to others. My self-published books get picked up by a major publisher, and are translated into other languages. My business Thriving NOW LLC is a sustainable business model that is focused on Ascended Living which is about the New Spiritual Human creating Heaven on Earth, free from the past and moving forward with ease into the new 5d reality. Building my online thriving VIP membership website and The Kornelia Stephanie Foundation until fully funded. Empowering women to start or expand their own businesses, providing access to a one-year program that provides capital and educational opportunities to support their goals. Heaven on Earth, Peace on Earth is here for each soul that is ready to receive it and come home.

What message would you put on a t-shirt?

Be your real self to the max.


To Learn more about Kornelia’s online membership portal, Creative Light Vibration, go to and sign up! Pay $13.00 per month, which is less than 50 cents per day.

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