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Pamela Sylvan. Mojomaker and Treasure Hunter.

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Today we raise our fists high and put our hands together in celebration of our Feature Girl Warrior, magician-sage-mage Pamela Sylvan, earth bound female tripping through life with the occasional breakthrough, touchdown and score. Through the use of PR skills and functions, Pamela polishes and points people to their ideal audience, helps them engage that audience so all involved experience a heady win/win, meaning more business, money and connections. She’s the woman you call when it’s time to turn on your power because you’re tired of living life small. Managing Editor of Downtown & Around Magazine; Host of Mojo Talk Radio; Lead Mojomaker of MojoMoves Power Mentoring; Lead Publicist of Pamela Sylvan PR; Weekly Newspaper Columnist for The Downtown Gal and Professor of Post Grad Public Relations. Pamela sold off all but what could fit in two suitcases, moved across the country, and deliberately set about creating her life, her way. She is currently writing a book titled, ‘SNATCH’ and gathering power women to hang out with, have fun and shape the narrative of the newly burgeoning female power model!

What makes you a Girl Warrior?

If taking a stand in the face of adversity, time and time again despite how fearfully the moments present themselves makes me a Girl Warrior, then I suppose I am. I love that you’ve named it.

What’s a ‘Mage’ and how does being one shape the way you live your life

Mage is the combination of magician and sage. Until recently, I had no idea the word even existed. A friend pointed out key elements and moments that depicted my ability to accurately manifest whatever was needed next. I continually deflected this label until able to find comfort in its truth. I then became deliberate in my thoughts and actions. Mindfulness has taken on a very large role in the way I see the world. Along with a deeper dive into awareness, came discipline and control of self, nicely unfolding as I flowed and played in the role of mage. It wasn’t an easy road and sometimes I still fall on my behind. Overcoming old, deficient programming and mindsets was a challenge and of course fear breathed down my neck the entire time. Freedom comes from acceptance of one’s gifts and talents and faithfully going where it takes you.

Tell us about your philosophy on ‘sex and cash’.

As a creative building ‘the dream’, I have two jobs: one is my passion. It’s the sexy part of my life. It gets the adrenaline flowing and gives rise to the high highs in my days. It’s my mojo move. The second job helps cover some of the bills, otherwise known as the ‘cash’. Making money that provides the necessities, yet allowed room to follow my desires was challenging. Initially, it was a struggle reconciling why I had to do both. I wanted life to be fair. Truth is, life is life. It’s neither good nor bad and the bills weren’t going away. As long as there’s integrity in how I manage the cash aspect and left with enough ‘head space’ to spiral up the sexy factor of my creative work-life, I am content. It continues to feel awkward at times, especially when I attempt to explain to others why I’m not fully engaged in my creative sexy world. The simple and difficult answer is I don’t wish to place pressure on my passion. It’s in a monumental stage of growth. Expecting it to spit out cash to fully support me would feel, unloving, so I do what I have to do at the moment to remain pure on the passion side of things until the full upswing occurs. If we happen to run into each other sometime, ask me what I do for cash.

What were your best and worst moments and how did they impact your life?

Best moments vary by degree, but becoming a mother was by far the best. I will never forget the seconds after my daughter’s birth. A rush of emotion, l label as unconditional love, flowed out with her. It’s the secret sauce that bonds parent, child, humans together as one. Sounds a bit out there, but there are no other words for it, at least none that I can find. The worst moments faded once they were over and handled. What I do remember about those times, especially the one as I sat in the airport departure lounge before boarding to fly cross-country leaving my past life behind with only two bags of clothes, was a moment of desolation. These times then turned to moments of pride and triumph because I survived them. Both the best and worst of times allowed me see that life is not static and it’s meant to be fully lived and felt. Half measures are not worth the time most give it and soon realized it was an all or nothing proposition for me. This has impacted me in many gratifying ways. It’s also allowed me to see that I’ve only scratched the surface on how far I can actually go (grow).

What’s a MojoMaker and why do we need one?

It’s someone that provides the mindset, juice, resources and energy to flip the switch on the (mojo) power of those ready to live life at a next level of experience. Everyone’s got mojo. Not all choose to use it. Most don’t realize they walk with it all day long. Being around a Mojomaker makes you feel more alive, more motivated and awake.  The best ‘makers’ will get you do things you didn’t believe possible, not dangerous, just wonderfully crazy-ass, fun and epic. What do you want to do? Start a business, grow one to new heights, increase your charisma and confidence factor ten-fold, become a change-maker or influencer, spiral-up untapped potential or be a powerful leader?  Whatever it is, ‘makers turn you on to the point, that going back to your old way of being and doing things feels devastating. Do I think everyone needs a Mojomaker in their life? Absolutely! I’ll go a step further and say everyone ought to consider being one. The world needs more people flowing the energy of inspiration, love, power and grace. If you’re not a Mojomaker, get on track. Seriously.

How do you use your super powers?

I’ve laid claim to two specific super-powers: Mojomaking – turning on others to the juicy-ness and creative force of the power they walk around with all day and Treasure Hunter – the ability to find what’s needed next. These combined powers help create exciting, positive experiences for those in my inner circle either as clients or friends. Awakening others to the potential in their personal or business lives comes easy and it’s all I want to do. Treasure hunting is the fine art of seeing what others miss. It’s especially rewarding when I’m able to find the ‘slant’ within a client’s present way of doing business. Yes, life is fun.

Where do you get the courage and what do we need to know for sure about stepping out over the edge?

My courage was fueled when I realized time was ticking away. Clarity replaced confusion and I quickly did what I had to do. The only thing you could ever know ‘for sure’ is that you’re responsible for your results, good or otherwise. Victim-hood can’t be an option if you wish to grow. Attempting to predict the future is an energy drain. I gave up trying and went to work on a daily system instead. Most folks will remain where they are in life because they wait for guarantees or place the responsibility on others to make decisions for them. Learn to trust yourself. My life changed for the better when I began trusting my gut. The only certainty I have is knowing I’m prepared to put in the daily effort to make my dreams a strong possibility.

What obstacles have you overcome and walls have you broken down?

My walls were more like soft membranes. I could see the other side, but couldn’t quite meld through, and would always end up bouncing back to the beginning. Through a key mentoring relationship, I learned the secret to getting over the ‘wall’ and to the other side. I quit my teaching job, sold all my belongings and moved across the country, leaving family, friends and a marriage behind. I went on to kick down doors of isolation, loneliness and the fear of homelessness, three primary burdens that weighed heavily as I got down to the business of redesigning my life.

What would you say to your younger Girl Warrior?

There’s not much to be afraid of. The only thing that could possibly stop you are the stories you tell yourself about yourself. Pick a passion and work out the kinks until it becomes your own domain. Don’t fall into the thinking that you can become anything you want. I wanted to sing to large audiences. I quickly discovered that singing is not my gift. I had to get clear and discover where my true abilities lay and go to work honing them every single day. So don’t waste time trying to do what’s not in your wheelhouse. It will only keep you stuck in a state of confusion. Your past leaves clues. Dig them out and examine them. Find those few key areas and go to work on them full throttle. Make it yours. Own it baby!

What advice would you give to the next generation of Girl Warriors looking for inspiration?

Read. Find a way to fit 2-3 hours minimum of reading into your day. I get up at 5am to read. I switched from exercising to reading for and hour or two then going to work out. I read a new book every two days. Reading is a sure-fire way to spiral up your circumstances and enlighten your soul. Education does not stop after you leave school. I’ve personally learned that self-directed education was the ticket to my dreams. Read and keep reading.

Who is/are your Girl Warrior hero(s)?

My heroes are the everyday people that make the hard decision(s) to change their life and business for the better despite the fear, dangers, pitfalls and inherent challenges and in doing so, inspire others to do the same.

What’s next?

I’m in the middle of writing my 1st book, ‘SNATCH It Back & 39 Other Keys To A Powerful, Creative Life’. I finally figured out why all those cornball and sometimes horrific things happened to me. It’s so I can share the nuggets of wisdom found in those moments. I’m distilling these insights into bit-sized, easily digestible keys/chapters.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Writing book #3 as I await the arrival of the next set of visitors to a week-long Mojo hangout. The remoteness of this Antillean paradise is a bit tricky to get to. Oh well.

If a steamy novel were written, inspired by your life, what would it be called?

50 Shades Of Pam

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