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Set Your Heart.

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Set your heart Girl Warrior. Program it with all your deepest passionate desires. Apply it with everything that suits your fancy, along with all the things you plan to achieve during your exquisite, yet ever so brief, time on earth. For this is the sacred and intimately private place for all those things that you ache for, hunger for, thirst for and long for. All your insatiable life-cravings and soul-searching can rest easy here until you are ready to unwrap them. One-by-one.

Try one or your heart’s desires on Girl Warrior. Take it for a test drive. See how it fits and feels. Wear it out. Wring it dry. Feast on it. Extract every shred of life it holds.


This could take ten minutes or ten years. For once, time isn’t of the essence. The idea is to thoroughly explore every pathway, every river, mountain, valley, nook or cranny of this singular heart-song. Then move on.


Stay meticulously focused on one heart-set at a time. Make it the sole object of your desire. Love it for all its worth. Nurture it faithfully and give it your unwavering and undivided attention. Dedicate yourself to it. Be a devoted lover for the duration. Whether it’s a lifelong commitment or a brief affair.

So Girl Warrior, at the start of each day, make this your first thought, “what is my heart set on?”