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Don’t Put Your Life on Hold.

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Don’t put your life on hold. For any reason. The cliché that life is not a dress rehearsal bears truth here. This is it. It’s all you’ve got. Your one shot. Press pause if you must. But the odds are, and the sad truth is, time is ticking and waits for no one. Not even Girl Warriors.

All those things you want to do. All your best-laid plans, sunny afternoon daydreams, earnest heartfelt intentions, picturesque vision boards and bulls-eye targets are a nice start. But that’s all they are. A place to begin. A clarification process. The un-muddying exercise. Allowing the puddle to settle so you can see clearly.

The cautionary tale: don’t get stuck here. For if you linger too long in this complacent stage of artificial activity, engaging in all those time-wasting diversions instead of pursuing the real things that add truth and meaning to your life, you’ll turn around one day and wonder what happened. You’ll ask yourself one of the most tragic personal questions there is, “How did this happen?”

So don’t procrastinate Girl Warrior. Get off your legendary ass. Knock it off. And get on with it. Live your best life. Now.