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The Canyon. A Political Parable.

Breadman's Daughter| Views: 659

I stand on one side
Of the canyon
And you on the other
We both look down
At the beautiful view
Of the canyon floor
And we agree
It is a sight to behold

Yet our definition
Of beauty differs
And gets in the way
An obstacle between us
Making it impossible
To see each other’s
Point of view

From your vantage
You see red hearts
And from mine
I see the blue bells
But neither grows below

Mere fabrications
Figments of imagination
Stories we have told
And retold
To our children
And they to theirs
Shared so many times
We believe them
To be true

And now we stand
Unwavering and resolute
Locked and rigid in
Our perspectives
Our interpretations
Our convictions

Screaming profanely
Into the abyss below
But all we hear
Are echoes
Our own words
Empty handed

And we cry out
Why oh why oh why
Can you not
See what I see
Hear what I hear
Believe what I believe
We call each other names

How do we inhabit
The same planet
The same country
Yet see it so differently

How does it end for us
Do we continue this way
Or do we find a better path
Is it possible to reach other
With this canyon between us

If I extend an olive branch
Will you set the dove free
If I build a bridge will you
Meet me half way

Will you take my hand
If not my embrace
Will you look into my eyes
And see my humanity
Extend grace and forgiveness

In the spirit
Of magnanimity
For all that is free
I will do the same
In good faith
Trust healing will begin
Must begin
Our lives and the lives
Of those we both hold dear
Are in the balance

Here we stand
In the middle
Of a bridge
Holding hands
It’s a start.