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Words Matter.

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Words matter. I disagree. Words are merely a combination of letters, and for the sake of this argument, I’m talking about the letters of the English alphabet. We have 26 options that can be arranged in countless combinations. The first letter is even a word all by itself. There’s a show-off in every crowd. And just refer to any English dictionary. The evidence is clear. There are a lot of words. Lots.

Words aren’t the issue. Words aren’t the problem.

The problem is the intention behind the words, both by the deliverer and in the delivery of the words. The meaning behind the meaning behind the meaning. Therein lies the crux. The rub. The lexical dilemma.

It’s not a word issue. It’s a people issue. People speak words. People write words. People use words.

Let’s take the word fuck, for example. A lot of people cringe when they hear that word expressed, particularly when it comes out of the mouth of a woman for some reason. I don’t know what their problem is. Some deem it low class, or no class, vulgar, unladylike, trampy, bad girl language. These same cringed people seem to be slightly less offended when it comes to the execrations of men. The expression, “boys will be boys” comes to mind. But I digress. The point is some people cringe when they hear the word. I won’t pass judgement on their puritanical propensities. Not my job. But the word prude comes to mind.

Personally I love the word fuck. It has such an array of meanings, again depending on the delivery. It’s a veritable rainbow of messages packed into one four-letter word. A lexicographer’s brainteaser. A mind fuck.

One word. So many meanings. So many ways to deliver. So many ways to interpret.

Fuck truly is one of those words that are all about delivery. And context. Without context fuck is just a word. Context not only gives us the backstory, but the narrative itself. The exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and, of course, the resolution. Imagine getting all that in one single word. It takes my breath away just thinking about it. And probably why I love the fucking word so much. Forgive that childish little interjection. I honestly couldn’t stop myself.

If you care to keep reading this mindless, somewhat true but perhaps embellished story, here is a lexicon of fucking applications and expressions that incorporate “the word”:

Random Fucks for any occasion:

Fuck off – fastest way to dismiss a person or an idea or the idea of a person.
Fuck you – is it a request or a statement.
For fuck’s sake – at least it’s not for Christ’s sake.
Go fuck yourself – don’t mind if I do.
Wanna fuck – depends on who’s asking.
Fuckety fuck fuck fuck – for those who love alliteration.
Who gives a fuck – sometimes me, sometimes not me.
Fucknuts – combo of fucking and nuts or fucking with your nuts or fucking nuts.
Fuck storm – similar to a shit storm only worse.
Cluster fuck – several fucks gathering together and making a total mess.
Fuckwad – if you’re into bundling, have at it.
What the fuck – a mash-up of confusion and disbelief.

Fucking as the perfect adjective. Your starter list:

Fucking hell – far worse than any other forms of hell.
Fucking crazy – far crazier than your average crazy.
Fucking beautiful – far more beautiful than anything you’ve ever seen.
Fucking nuts – far more nuts than you can count.
Fucking rich – far richer than Jeff Bezos.
Fucking sad – far sadder than the saddest dog movie you’ve ever watched.
Fucking brilliant – far brighter than the smartest person, idea or star in the universe.
Fucking dumb – far dumber than dumb and dumber.
Fucking nonsense – far less sense than common sense.
Fucking sweet – far sweeter than a cute baby, puppy or sugar.
Fucking shit – far shittier than your regular shit.
Fucking stupid – far more stupid than stupid does.
Fucking happy – far happier than Matthieu Ricard.
Fucking awesome – far more impressive than amazing.
Fucking done – far more done than you ever thought you’d be.

I’m going to stop here. You get the idea. You can use fucking as an adjective to describe any person, place or thing. It’s just one of those words that adds the perfect inflection, emphasis, accentuation, importance and tone to anything you’re feeling. It makes everything so much more intense – good, bad or otherwise. Now go ahead and add to this list or create your own. It’s a fun exercise. Make it an icebreaker at your next company retreat. Maybe not.

FUCK!!!! In all caps with 4 exclamation marks:

I left this for last because it really is special and deserves a deeper dive. It warrants closer examination and contemplation. Because it’s kind of the perfect fuck. The fuck of all fucks. And my personal favorite. Quite, simply it’s the best form of emotional release. Guaranteed.

Picture this. You’re mad as hell or on the far side of frustrated or scared out of your fucking mind or gone-giddy-giddy or bat-shit crazy or on the verge of red rage, or you know, just plain losing it. Take a deep breath, inhale as much air into your lungs as possible; hold it for one second, maybe two. Get all your pent-up emotions gathered and collected in that breath. Wait for it. Set your intention. Because that’s just what we do these days. Then scream FUCK at the top of your lungs, as loud and as unbridled as you can. (If you’re one of the aforementioned puritans, and you really want to give this the old college try – because let’s be honest, you know you want to – go alone to your safe room, the one without windows or better yet, go to the back forty and do it where no one can hear you committing such an egregious act.)

Okay people, now shout FUCK! Do it again. And again. Let it all out. All the fucking crap. All the pent-up fucking anger or frustration or loneliness or sadness or madness. Let it all go. If you don’t feel better after that, I can’t fucking help you. FUCK isn’t for you, isn’t your word.

One last word about words. There are a plethora of words that I find offensive, terrifying, thoughtless, hurtful, harmful, sad, inhumane and unkind. Words that punctuate our conversations, populate our thoughts and predominate our politics. Words that are thrown out so casually and carelessly like yesterday’s leftovers. These words. Hate. Racism. Bigotry. Sexism. Discrimination. Prejudice. Murder. Killing. Rape. Stupidity. Ugly. Rudeness. Bullying. Abuse. There are more. But they hurt too much. So I’ll just leave these words here.

And replace them all with one word. The one that matters most. Love.

I fucking love you.