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Get Back Up.

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Get back up Girl Warrior. When you get knocked down. Thrown to the ground or thrown for a loop. When life tosses you a curve ball or chucks you to the curb, don’t take it lying down. Don’t give in. Don’t give up. Get up. And then get on with it.

Shit happens. That’s the truth. It’s also the truth that it happens to everybody. The thing is, and this is the really hard part to digest, it’s appallingly indiscriminate. It doesn’t care if you are smart or dumb, rich or poor, nice or naughty, fit or fat, kind or cruel, good or bad, tall or short, religious or atheist, vegan or carnivore, pretty or not so much. It simply does not care. Sooner or later bad juju is going to come blowing your way. So know that. And then get on with it.

It’s not the bad luck or the bad juju. It’s not about getting knocked down or knocked out or knocked up. And it’s not even necessarily about poor little old you. It’s really not that personal. Or all that malevolent, malicious or maleficent. Much of the time, if you stare this bugaboo in the face, you realize it’s not that purposeful or intentional. It’s often quite random, arbitrary and utterly benign. Just something or someone you open-handedly gave your power to. Take it back. And get on with it.

So if it isn’t about any of that stuff, then what’s it really about?

It’s about what you do when shit happens. It’s about how you react. And act. It’s about your perception. And reception. It’s about your attitude. And gratitude. It’s about your viewpoint. And outlook. It’s about your response. And repercussions. It’s about your recovery. And resurgence. It’s about your upturn. And comeback.

And most importantly, it’s about what you do after the knockout, after the shit-kicking. And that Girl Warrior is entirely up to you. It’s your call.