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Take Care of Your Habitat.

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Take care of your habitat Girl Warrior. It’s the only real home you’ve got. And right now it’s fragile. Vulnerable. Compromised. And in a very tenuous state, hanging on by a thin perilous thread. Which means so are you and everyone you love, everything you hold dear, and everything that matters to you.

The truth, the very inconvenient truth of Al Gore, is we created this situation. It’s our mess and we have to get ourselves out of it. Quite simply we have to clean it up. Now.

It’s an intimidating thought, a daunting task, a formidable challenge, and an enormous responsibility. But you’re a Girl Warrior and you were born to take this on. Not alone, but with your Tribe of fierce, tenacious, unshakeable sisters and brothers who understand fully what’s at stake. And the urgency with which you need to take action and respond to the brokenhearted cry of the land you walk on, the air you breathe, the water you consume, the energy and natural resources that sustain you, the mighty weeping environment that has given you life.

There is no time to waste. Or squander recklessly. You can no longer languish in unmindful, uninformed, unconscious, nescient blind bliss, pretend or make-believe. The days of your innocence are over. You have been woken up and you cannot go back. Ever.

You can still chase the beautiful rainbows, the ephemeral butterflies and the buzzing bees. But first Girl Warrior, you have to save them.