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The Reluctant Girl Warrior.

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Since April 2017, when the Girl Warrior Productions website was officially launched, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing thirty-nine women. Extraordinary women. Successful women. Intelligent and talented. Kind and loving. Generous and giving. Strong passionate women of all ages, from different professions, backgrounds and walks of life. Gifted women. So very, very gifted.

Surprisingly (at least to me), so many of these extraordinarily talented, intelligent, successful women, when first approached for an interview didn’t feel worthy of being featured on the site. Did not feel worthy. Let that sink in for a moment.

How is that possible?

That was the question I asked myself whenever I reached out to one of these beautiful women and their initial reaction was: “Me? You want to interview me?” They were genuinely surprised by the request. I was even more surprised by their reaction and response.

I am not a Girl Warrior.

It wasn’t false modesty or even low self-esteem coming into play here. But more often than not the lens through which they saw themselves was altered and askew. Like they were standing in front of one of those carnival funhouse mirrors. The result was distorted self-perception, inaccurate self-judgment and acute self-criticism. Quite simply, they did not see themselves the way I saw them. Or the way others viewed them, for that matter.

These “reluctant” Girl Warriors were doing and creating wonderful things, making huge contributions to their personal and professional communities, were incredibly supportive of other women, inspired the people around them, and were out there bravely and tirelessly fighting the good fight in whatever arena they found themselves. They weren’t delicate flowers or sensitive snowflakes. They were Girl Warriors.

As women, I think we’re hard on ourselves. Too hard.

In a social media world of self-appointed micro-famous people, influencers and small “c” celebrities enjoying their Andy Warhol fifteen minutes of fame on YouTube or Instagram, it’s easy to be conned into thinking that this shit is real and that it actually matters. Worse yet, in an online non-reality where we all want to be LIKED, praised and applauded, it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that if you don’t have a million followers, then your voice doesn’t count, isn’t heard. You’re like the tree falling in the forest and no one’s around to witness it. Rendered meaningless. It didn’t happen.

The biggest and saddest lie these reluctant Girl Warriors believed was that they weren’t big enough, well-known enough, famous enough, that their star didn’t shine bright enough, and worst of all, no one would want to know their story. They were too ordinary or unremarkable. Turning that thought on its head and kicking it to the curb was the biggest roadblock to getting them to do the interviews and share their stories.

Once they realized that their stories mattered and needed to be told, regardless of the number of followers or their fame, or how big of a deal they were or weren’t. Once they got that they were having an impact and making a profound difference in the lives of all the people they shared their lives with, and that Girl Warrior Productions wasn’t about telling stories of the super rich and famous. (God only knows, there are enough people out there chasing those stories.) We’re about telling stories of real authentic women living lives of integrity, strength, courage and truth – in their homes, where they work and play, in the places where they gather, in the communities they have built and with the families they have created.

Once these reluctant Girl Warriors got that, understood it fully and saw themselves through a different, more truthful objective lens, they were onboard. And the result is thirty-nine compelling thought-provoking inspiring interviews in less than two years. Thirty-nine women inspiring other women. Thirty-nine women sharing their secrets to success, the roadblocks and obstacles they have overcome, their dreams for the future, their struggles and triumphs.

Thirty-nine women empowering other women. And declaring boldly, I am a Girl Warrior.

Footnote: Not all the featured Girl Warriors were reluctant. Some approached me to do their interview, while others were nominated or recommended by women and men who saw their greatness. Some bowed out gracefully and asked for a rain check, saying not now but in the future. Only when the Girl Warrior is ready will their story be told. Some of the women I know through professional or personal circles but many of the women I have never met and got to know during the interview process. Throughout these thirty-nine interviews I have had the privilege of learning about things I’ve never done, dreamed of doing, or even fully understand. Every single Girl Warrior taught me so much about being a woman, about family and relationships, about meaningful work, being of service to others, spirituality and grace, and most importantly, about the healing power of love. And for that I will be eternally grateful.

Thank you. Love, Boo xxoo