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I Fell in Love.

Breadman's Daughter| Views: 748

Decades ago
In another lifetime
I fell in love
With a beautiful young man.

We were barely adults
On the brink
Of becoming
All kinds of things
Beyond what we were
In that sliver of time
And he was my first big love.

All capital letters

I fell hard and fast
I fell deep and wide
I fell
In love with this boy-man.

When you fall like that
It can only end badly
And it did.

All capital letters

Time and distance
The years pass quickly
But untold seconds
Slow the clock of the heart.

Still I think of him
Way more than
Reason or rationality
And good common sense
Dictate that I should.

Sometimes I think
It’s sweet that I do
But there are times
When I think it’s
Either bat-shit crazy
Or sadly heartbreaking.

All capital letters