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I Love Daily To Do Lists.

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I love To Do lists.  They keep me organized.  Help me to remember.  Remind me of what’s important.  They keep things orderly. Sweet and simple.  Neat and tidy. I love the symmetry these lists bring to my life.  Balance.  Ease.

I’ve always been a compulsive list maker.  As I age my appreciation for this practice has grown exponentially. 

There is this list that I have been compiling in my book of “boo’s to do’s for today” that just keeps growing.  It appears to be never-ending. And for this I am grateful. These are the eternal things. The timeless. The constants in my life.  And the infinite. The daily reminders of how good life is.  How lucky I am to have been born in the time and place that is now, to the parents who raised me with love, to the children I have done the same, to the family and friends who I have been blessed to have walked the earth with, for their presence and presents.  For grace and forgiveness. For hope. For faith in us all to create a better, kinder, gentler place.

It’s all a wide-eyed wonder to me.  It’s humbling. I am thankful every day that I am here now with you. And you. And you.

So this is the ever-growing list of Boo’s To Do’s for Today.

Today I will:

Thank God for my human being-ness

Be curious but not nosey

Be helpful but not pushy

Be funny but not hurtful for the sake of a joke

Be a dreamer but keep my feet on the ground

Be happy but not at someone else’s expense

Be honest but not brutal

Be smart but not a pompous know-it-all

Be supportive but not a door mat

Be a seeker but look for Light not darkness

Be God-minded but not God

Today I will:

Thank God for the little things in my life

Kiss my husband good morning

Tell my kids that I love them always, forever and a day

Eat mostly healthy stuff today

Eat chocolate, devour the entire bar

Smile at strangers, even the scary ones

Be helpful and kind and generous

Laugh at myself

Practice patience with everyone but especially the very old and the very young

Say my prayers and let go of the day

Today I will:

Thank God for a new perspective

See people in a different light

Recognize the truth

Appreciate an opposing opinion

Give everyone the benefit of the doubt

Understand that there are other sides to the story

Look for a new perspective in an old place

Offer grace so I can also receive it

Read between the lines and hear the words not spoken

Say my prayers and settle into the quiet

Today I will:

Thank God for the playful

Play it as it lays and learn acceptance

Play for keeps with those who matter

Play for real with everyone

Play around and square and mix it up

Play full with all I’ve got

Play games that are fun not hurtful

Play back again and again, especially if it’s good

Replay and repeat tomorrow

Say my prayers and sleep lighthearted

Today I will:

Thank God for all the wonders of Nature

Chase double rainbows across the sky

Sing with wild abandon in the rain

Blow free like a leaf in the wind

Spread my wings and fly

Soak up the sun and catch some rays

Dig in the dirt and get mud on my face

Soar with the eagles

Set the world on fire

Reach for the stars and make three wishes

Howl crazy at the moon

Say my prayers and drift into the waters of heaven

Today I will:

Thank God for this new day of simple things

Forgive everyone, even those I don’t want to

Do yoga and be grateful that my body still moves

Eat an apple, possibly an orange, but not a banana

Paint my toenails red and smile at my feet

Take my dogs for a walk

Drink water right out of the tap

Be polite and mannerly, please and thanks

Listen better to everyone but especially to the very old and the very young

Say my prayers and plump my pillow

Today I will:

Thank God for the givers

Give a helping hand

Give advice only when asked

Give away the good things I no longer want, need or wear

Give to a charity besides the usual ones

Give love even to the unlovable

Give someone a surprise gift for no reason, just because

Give others the benefit of the doubt

Give of myself even when I’m tired and don’t feel like tit

Give someone else the credit and the glory

Say my prayers and give thanks

Today I will:

Thank God for the journey through this day

Applaud the achievements of others

Eat more red foods

Be respectful and considerate of others

Play my guitar even when it sounds painful

Be honest, starting with myself

Bake chocolate chocolate chip cookies, then pig out

Sit quietly and breathe easy

Take the long way home and enjoy the trip

Say my prayers and drift into dreamland

Today I will:

Thank God for healing

Mend all bridges in my life that are broken

Sew buttons on tattered open wounds

Stitch time that has been squandered

Mend a broken heart

Seam together a fragile friendship

Repair all hurt caused by my good intentions

Fix things that can be fixed and bless what cannot

Patch the worn and the weary with love and kindness

Say my prayers and hug my love

Today I will:

Thank God for countless things in my life

Count my blessings

Count the red smarties in the box

Count the steps from the couch to the fridge

Count my friends who count

Count the birds at the feeder

Count the calories in the chocolate cake then eat it any way

Count the purple tulips in my garden

Count the number of sleeps until my summer holidays

Say my prayers and count sheep

Today I will:

Thank God for all my senses: the first five, the sixth, common and Spidey

See the beauty in all things, even the unusual

Listen with an open heart to hear the unspoken

Breathe in all that is around me, especially the smells of nature and of the kitchen

Touch someone in need of a gentle hand

Taste the sweetness in life not the bitter

Trust my inner voice when in doubt

Remember the sound and reasonable advise of my mother

Pay attention to the goose bumps

Say my prayers and welcome a sense of peace

Today I will:

Thank God for the lazy days

Take it slow and easy

Relax and chill with a cup of green tea

Read a gossip mag from cover to cover while watching my fav soap opera

Eat a bag of Oreo cookies

Consider practicing yoga

Contemplate meditating

Think about going for a walk

Exercise my option to do absolutely nothing

Take a long soak in the tub

Say my prayers and rest gently

Today I will:

Thank God for the makers

Make believe and have fun like a five year old

Make memories without Kodak

Make amends to everyone I’ve hurt

Make love with the light on

Make up not down

Make music without an instrument

Make peace with myself first

Make better all my owies

Make good on all my promises

Make muffins, blueberry lemon

Make magic without a wand

Make friends with myself

Say my prayers and make ZZZ’s

Today I will:

Thank God for housework

Change the sheets and flip the mattress

Do laundry and maybe iron

Wash the dishes by hand

Scrub the floors, the old fashioned way, down on my knees

Vacuum even the hidden places

Polish the furniture with lemon oil

Clean the windows

Stop to admire the “clean and shiny”

Say my prayers and fall quickly into a deep sleep

Today I will:

Thank God for chance to begin again

Turn over a new leaf, discover the mysteries hidden there

Start a new chapter that begins with hope

Wipe the slate clean of all past doubts

Start fresh with a different perspective

Begin anew with novel ideas

Embrace the blank page and let go of fear

Clear the deck and make space for possibilities

Close the book and make peace with the past

Say my prayers.