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I Remember Her.

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Some days I feel like a

Slab of frozen meat

Left to thaw on a stylishly

Barren countertop

Slick granite hard as steel

A lifetime promise

Guaranteed to outlive me


While the heat of the room

Rises and envelopes

My icy sanguine surface

Like a warm yellow blanket

This veneer that once

Loved and protected

Living flesh blood bones


I remember

Oh yes yes yes

I remember who I once was


Before the deep freeze

Before the sub-zero temperatures

Before the cleaver struck

Before the darkness


I was once beautiful and free

A fairy with butterfly wings

A lioness roaring with ferocity

A brave warrior in the battlefield

A lover of poetry and song

A goddess atop the mountain

A wild mustang running untamed

A mother to the earth

A tree bending in the wind

A cloud dancing in the sky

A bird of myth telling tales

A star rising to the heavens

A creature who loved and was loved


Oh yes yes yes

I remember her

She was divine