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I want to.

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I want to…
Go for a walk without being afraid of anything
Go for lunch without making complicated plans
Go to shops and touch things that catch my eye
Go to a movie with a friend and share our popcorn
Go on a girls’ road trip without a map or destination
Go to a bookstore and browse the aisles at my leisure
Go to a grocery store without directional arrows
Go to the most crowded beach and soak up the sun
Go to a rock concert with fifty thousand other people
Go to a full yoga class with some guy’s ass in my face
Go downtown when it’s overflowing with American tourists
Go to a popular craft fair and squeeze next to strangers
Go to my guitar class and jam with other bad musicians
Go to work at work and not the makeshift version at home
Go on a packed bus and inhale the stench of garlic ’n booze
Go out for dinner to a restaurant where I can sit wherever

And I want to…
Be physically close to my family, friends and neighbors
Be in each other’s space without fear of causing harm
Be able to go wherever and whenever I want in the world
Be spontaneous to do things on the spur of the moment
Be free of masks, wide berths, plexi dividers and six-foot poles
Be able to see my entire face when I get my hair done
Be able to celebrate the holidays with my family in person
Be able to blow out the candles on my birthday cake
Be able to see people smile and laugh with their whole hearts
Be able to hug and hold all the people who need it most

But mostly I want to…
Be free.