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Open Your Heart Wide to Love.

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Open your heart wide and let in the love Girl Warrior. Go where your heart leads you. And don’t run from its softness. Let it be tender. Kind. Compassionate. Gentle. Extend your hand to another and grab on tight. Then let go. Therein lies your strength.

Love again. Then again.  And again. 

You don’t have to get it right. Or perfect. Just let love come naturally. Accept that sometimes it will hurt. Don’t let this frighten you. Don’t push it away. Or turn your back.  Don’t give up on it.

Most importantly, learn to recognize love when it comes your way. It doesn’t always come gift-wrapped. Covered in bows or hearts and flowers. It doesn’t always shout, get in your face, take your breath away or make your heart flutter. Sometimes it whispers, is unobtrusive, low-key and sneaks up on you. For love is love.

Girl Warrior, your power to love is your secret weapon.