Girl Warrior Blog I am a warrior. I was raised by one of the best warriors God ever created. Ma, my Warrior Queen. The courageous one. The small package containing a fierce and valiant spirit. My inspiration. Teacher. Leader. The one I will follow into the dark. I have raised two strong Girl Warriors. They too inspire me. They stand tall. Speak their truth. They challenge. Question. Test. They are noble. I have a grand daughter who is a young Girl Warrior. Independent. A mind of her own. An adventurer off to see the world. Then there’s my bonus Girl Warrior. My daughter-in-law. Another small package containing a wondrous, magical, joyous soul. These extraordinary Girl Warriors, along with an army of others, have coached me over the years. They’ve helped me unearth my Girl Warrior. To not be afraid of her magical powers. It is here that I share all the things wise and wonderful that they taught me.

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Be Real.

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Be real Girl Warrior. Authentically you. One hundred percent genuine and true blue to the bone. So damned legit that the mold was broken the moment you took your first breath. Be...

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