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Don’t Take Offense

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Don’t take offense Girl Warrior. This may be one of your greatest challenges. One you’ll not only need to work on every day but possibly every minute of every day. For being offended, insulted or indignant by another’s words or deeds happens so easily. Sticks and stones may break the bones. But words can hurt.  Deeply. Profoundly. Irreparably.

Thoughtless, unkind or flippant words are often the most harmful to our psyche, to our spirit, to our soul; but only if we allow or give them permission to do so. Therein lies our power. Therein lies our potency. Therein lies our potential. We are at the controls here. This is our command central. How we feel. How we think. How we react.  And most importantly, how we act after receiving such a blow is everything. This is the “big tell.”  More is revealed about our character than about that of the transgressor. 

Our egos are bruised. Our hearts are broken. Our feelings are hurt. Our spirits deflated.

But they needn’t be. Know this Girl Warrior, you have the power to A) neutralize your emotions and B) control your response. Both are critical and integral here. You don’t have to be upset, insulted, angry or wounded. You are not a victim. In fact you are just the opposite. What others say to you, or about you, is actually none of your business. Others will say or do what they will, often without even realizing the impact or the consequences.  And so will you.  So will you. That’s the hard pill to swallow. We are all guilty.

But you can fix this Girl Warrior. It is your job, your mission, to get at the truth and own it.  And then forgive everyone, including yourself, so healing can begin. For that is how you get over being offended.