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Dress the Part

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Dress the part Girl Warrior. Every Girl Warrior should have a costume. Something that is uniquely her. At first blush, it might look just like someone else’s. Don’t be fooled. No two Girl Warriors wear their costumes in the same way. This is your personal power suit. Put it on. 

Strut your stuff.  Don’t apologize for the cut, color or condition. Walk. Run. Skip to my Lou. Black leather jacket.  Frilly blouse. Skinny jeans. Mini skirt. Floor length gown.  A sundress blooming with flowers. Floppy hat. Or fascinator. A pinstriped suit. Kick-ass boots. Red stiletto shoes.

It’s not about fashion. It’s about expression. Wearing the inside out. It’s about attitude. Character. Originality. You are a rare bird Girl Warrior. Know this. 

So put on your cape. And fly.