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Hang Out with Animals

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Hang around with animals Girl Warrior. It’s next to impossible to be in a foul mood when you do.  They have an infinite capacity to lift the spirits of their human friends.  You’ll feel happier just being in their furry or feathery company.  That silly grin on your face is positive proof.

Pet a dog when you’re feeling anxious and within minutes you’ll begin to feel relaxed.  Watch a cat chase a light beam around the room and you’ll be in giggles.  Cuddle a rabbit or a hamster and you’ll get why good things come in small packages.  Sit in front of a fish tank for ten minutes and before you know it you’ll be meditating.  Listen to the birds sing and you’ll know what real communication is all about. Get on the back of a horse and you’ll understand the true meaning of balance.

If you’re feeling blue, they’ll brighten your day. If you’re lonely, they’ll be there for you. They’ll teach you things about loyalty, faithfulness, dedication, steadfastness, resilience, trust.

And most importantly, about unconditional love.