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I Love Loba.

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I’ve been taking vitamins and sundry supplements for as far back as I can remember. Because I was chronically anemic as a kid, Ma used to give me Carter’s Little Liver Pills. The liquid version or cod liver oil was also doled out in schools back in the day. I don’t know exactly when that day was, but it was back there. In ancient history. Not quite pre-historic but far enough back that it truly does feel like I’m from another era at times.

Anyway, I was always anemic. So was Ma. No one knew why. It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my third child that I was diagnosed with this blood disorder called Thalassemia, which I inherited from Ma, and passed down to all three of my children. We’re all carriers so it’s not life threatening. Just a nuisance. Makes me tired even writing about it. (That’s a Thalassemia joke, can’t help myself.)

In addition to the liver pills, Ma gave me a One-a-Day, and then Flintstones when they were introduced to the marketplace. The point is, we were a vitamin-popping family. When I got into my late teens, Ma had discovered Prevention Magazine and began frequenting the one and only health food store in town, at that time. That’s when she went full-bore with the supplement popping and healthy eating. She had a plastic basket chockful of vitamins that she kept in the lower kitchen cupboard, next to the mixing bowls. I have a similar basket that I too keep in a kitchen cupboard, except in an upper. I never could quite figure out her storage strategy. But lower worked for her and upper works for me. She was also very short.

So, I come by my vitamin-pill-popping, supplement-swallowing addiction honestly. Like Thalassemia, you could say I inherited it from Ma. For decades, I’ve been organizing my daily intake of vitamins into two groups – morning and evening. As part of my breakfast prep, I take the basket of pills from said upper cupboard and divide the pills up. There are those that I take in the morning to provide the zip-a-dee-doo-dah and energy needed to enhance the day and there are those that supposedly foster better sleep and relaxation. Like calcium, magnesium, and the B’s that I take in the evening.

This is part of my daily ritual and has been for decades. Along with yoga, meditation, and walking. With and without dogs.

Up until this weekend, I transferred these daily purveyors of good health and happiness into two small food storage containers. Then last week I ordered a set of Loba daily pill pods (in black). They arrived on my doorstep on Friday morning. I haven’t been this excited about receiving a package since I believed the presents under the tree really were from Santa. Well, I still kind of believe it, but that’s a different story for another time.

It was love at first sight.

I know these little Loba pods are going to be a pill-popping game changer to my routine. Not just for their organizational attributes but for their convenient size, which means I can throw them in my purse or knapsack. Plus, and this belongs in the big points department, I don’t have to worry about the lid popping off and spilling the goods inside the bottom of my purse, fanny pack or knapsack. And bye-bye little sandwich bags. This girl’s gone enviro-friendly with her vitamin toting.

The little black daily pill pod has a big sister. She’s beautiful. She’s smart. She’s sophisticated. She’s the ultimate in organization. And she even has her own app. All this is amazing and admirable. Impressive, to say the least. Can you tell I’m really crushing on Big Sis.

The thing is, I’m an old broad, born and raised in a small town in the middle of Nowheresville, which has shaped, for better or worse, my preferences and predilections. So, I still tend to cling to some quaint, antiquated, old-fashioned and fossilized ways of living my life. And these are not necessarily simpler. Just more familiar. And therefore, less demanding. Plus, a lot of it has to do with memories of Ma, and that just makes me happy. I grab happiness wherever I can these days.

When I heard that Loba also carried these very cool, and very affordable, daily pill pods, I knew they were perfect for me, for where I’m at in my life. We’re kind of a match made in heaven. They are everything that I need. And I know if Ma were alive today, she’d be all over these like a queen bee in her hive.


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