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Read Books.

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Read books Girl Warrior. Fall in love with this beautiful skill that you learned in elementary school. Make reading a daily lifelong habit, a sacred ritual and part of your DNA. Embrace and covet this practice so fiercely that not reading feels abnormal, wrong, off-kilter, not yourself.

If you make reading books part of your routine, like brushing your teeth, it will serve you so well all the days of your life. It’s a game-changer. Guaranteed. That is the noble and profound power of books. They will be amongst your wisest teachers and hold the key to your enlightenment in every aspect of your humanity. Books, and a good mentor, will take you far and wide and deep and high.

Books will also take you places you may never get to experience otherwise. Not just in the physical world but in the spiritual, intellectual and emotional realms as well. Books will enable you to travel in time. Back to the pre-historic and ahead to the fantastical future. Adventures abound in the pages of a good book, well beyond the boundaries and limitations of your logical mind. Oh, the places you’ll go! (Dr. Seuss)

Books will grow your creativity and inventiveness, expand your consciousness and touch your heart. They’ll make you cry out all the tears, laugh uncontrollably until you pee your pants, scare the shit out of you, make you face unbearable truths, fall head-over-heels in love, and allow you to fly so high you’ll understand why birds sing. Your intellectual curiosity will not only be stimulated but satisfied. You’ll be an enduring Curious George. The really big payoff with all of this book reading is you’ll be continuously challenged and inspired by ideas, concepts, images, theories, opinions, philosophies, people, places and all things Seussian.

So Girl Warrior head to your nearest library or bookstore – online, around the corner, downtown or in the mall – and begin this very important life-altering practice.

Then do the following: hold the book in your hands, smell its inky newness or mustiness if it’s a used treasure; run your fingers along the spine and over the cover; touch the dog-eared pages for this means it’s well-read, well-shared and well-loved by many other book-lovers just like you; and above all, breathe in all the information, knowledge and wisdom the book possess, and honor it by bringing it home.

And then experiment with these: curl up on the sofa on a snowy afternoon with a good mystery thriller. Bring a summer bestseller to the beach. Luxuriate in the tub with a glass of wine and an inspiring biography. Take your juicy novel to bed with you. And by the way, public transit takes on a whole new meaning when you learn something new on your commute. Join a book club or start one. Go to an author reading and bask in the sound of their voice. It’s like they are reading a bedtime story just for you. It doesn’t get much better than that for a book lover.

Girl Warrior, talk about the books you’ve read. Inspire others to read books too. Share your joy of reading, of the written word, of the brilliance of storytelling, and of the mystery and music of language. It is such a privilege to be able to read books. Just ask someone who can’t or someone who has been denied access.