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Side Hustle.

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Get yourself a side hustle Girl Warrior. A little somethin’ somethin’ besides the thing you’re doing right now. Especially if the thing that’s going on right now isn’t the thing. To be clear, this isn’t a slam on the current thing. No aspersions cast and it’s definitely not what we’re talking about here. It’s about needing a little more somthin’ in your somethin’. More creativity. Intellectual challenge. Spiritual satisfaction. Emotional fulfillment. And here’s a really big thing. More money.

If you need a little more in your life Girl Warrior then it’s time to earnestly look at other ways to bump up your somethin’. Round out your life so that it’s more amplified – fuller, richer, abundant, prosperous, satisfying, complete, creative and categorically happier in every way. Design and define your best life, whatever that may be.

In an ideal world your perfect side hustle would be something you’ve always been longing to do, some secret passion you’re aching to express or talent you want to bring out of hiding. But in reality your side hustle might be far more practical, a ways and means to earn extra money – to take a big trip, buy a house or a new car, pay-off your debt or student loan. Whatever. It’s equal parts blue-sky thinking and real-world pragmatism.

First you’ll have to take a good look at your current situation to see what’s missing, why it isn’t enough and what you need. Ask yourself this: if the Queen B of All Girl Warriors appeared and waved a magic wand what would your quintessential life look like? Who would be in it? Where would you live? How would you spend your time and money? What are your priorities? What can you live with and without?

Then take inventory. Look at all the things you like to do outside of work, beyond the nine to five. Include everything in this assessment – from hobbies to volunteer work, the stuff you like to play whether it’s sports or an instrument, what and where you love to eat, the kinds of people you like to hang with, and where you like to go – both far and wide.

Then go hustle it up.

One cautionary note Girl Warrior. Your side hustle in no way gives you permission to be distracted, dismiss or slack off on your existing bread-and-butter job. Don’t bite the hand the feeds you. Give it one hundred percent and then some. Or leave and make the side hustle, the thing.

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