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You Gotta Have Faith.

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There will be times when you’ve got to work with the faith others have in you Girl Warrior. Why? Because we don’t always see what others see. We don’t always have an accurate picture of who we are and what we’re capable of. And that false image, that distorted point of view, that illusion cripples us and we become inert. We freeze. Panic. Anxiety courses through our veins. Self-doubt leaks from every pore. Our first thought is that we won’t be able to fulfill the request, rise to the occasion and get the job done.

Before we even contemplate, much less try, we entertain fantasies of failure.

But this Girl Warrior is here to tell you that there are people in your circle of humans, in your tribe, who have a much clearer picture of your strengths and abilities. They include your boss, manager, supervisor, colleague, board director, coach, spiritual leader, spouse, parent, family, friend, neighbor and guru. You know who they are. These are the ones who see the spark of genius. The gifts. Your breathtaking brilliance. They’ve seen what’s inside you. They’ve seen your mettle. And yes, this may be a test. But it’s one you won’t fail. Have faith.

Work with that. The next time you’re asked to do something – at work, at home, at the place you volunteer or hang out or wherever – that you think is out of your wheelhouse, way beyond anything you’re capable of doing or have the specific expertise. Call bullshit on that thought. Suck up the sweat. Take a deep breath and put one foot in front of the other. Act on their faith until your own kicks in. It will.

Here’s the final thought Girl Warrior, you wouldn’t have been asked to do “this thing” if you weren’t capable of doing it. So, if in that moment you’re lacking faith in yourself, say yes and start with the faith that person has in you, because they are right. You can do this.


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