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Be in the Moment

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Be in the Moment Girl Warrior. Be present. Fully engaged. Right here. Right now. Don’t waste one single solitary second being anywhere else than where you are at this very instant.  For this is all you truly have.

The past is done.  You can love what once was but don’t live there.  Don’t fret over the things you regret.  Or worry about all those woulda coulda shoulda things either.  They have nothing to do with the way things are today.

The future is out there. Somewhere. But it is not yet yours. It’s merely part of the exquisite possibilities. Not the beautiful bird already in your hand. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t have dreams. Or plans. And schemes. Goals and aspirations are worthwhile. And may one day lead to your success.  But if you spend all your days living in tomorrow and squander this precious hour, then in the end you have lost the greatest gift of all.   

Awaken all your senses to “the now” Girl Warrior.  And just be.