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Take Risks

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Take risks Girl Warrior. Big ones. Small ones. The kind only you know you’re taking. This is your deal. Go out on a limb. Get rid of the safety net. Free fall. Hang ten. Step out.  And step off. Close your eyes and let go.

Fall in love with uncertainty. Welcome unpredictability. Embrace the random unexpected things with open arms and wide-eyed wonder.

Don’t play it safe. Just play it with everything you’ve got. Let the cards land where they will. And then play those too. Put yourself out there even when you’d rather hide under a rug. Don’t have second thoughts. Or third. Don’t let anything or anyone sabotage your efforts.  Squash your dreams. Take away your power. Don’t doubt yourself.  Not even for one second.

Take a chance Girl Warrior. Venture forth. Give it your best shot. Something mind-blowing will happen when you do.