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Believe in Something Bigger than Yourself.

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Believe in something bigger than yourself Girl Warrior.  Know that you are connected to every living thing in this marvelous Universe. That’s a huge and daunting thought. So take it in. Fully. Breathe life into it. Wrap your loving arms around this notion until it seeps into your DNA and fills every cell. Clog your pores with this concept.

Figure out your place in the grander scheme of things.  The beautiful, elegant, ingenious, creative, intelligent and precisely perfect design that dwells deep inside your soul.   And that of every single being and creature that ever was.  And ever will be. Imagine that.

Honor this exquisite essence.

Whether you call it God or Gitchi Manitou, Divine Intelligence or Great Spirit, Energy or Electricity, Jesus or Jane, it matters not.  What really matters is the knowledge that you are a part of it.  You are an essential drop of water in the great big sea.  A twinkle in the starry night.  A slice of light in the infinite sky. Your presence is requested.  Here and now. For eternity.

And you are never alone.