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The Remarkable Ones

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Be one of the Remarkable Ones
Take your place among
The Extraordinary
The Exceptional
The mind-blowing Phenoms
The beautiful Freaks
And breathtaking Weirdos.

Stand shoulder-to-shoulder
With the unflinching Renegades
The fearless Rebels
The Risk-takers
The Soul-shakers
The untamed She-Wolves
And lionhearted Sisters.

Hang out with the Influencers
Who rouse and motivate
The uplifting Inspirers
The gifted Brighteners
The morale Boosters
The clever Quick-witted
And wise Enlightened.

Storm fearlessly into the good night
With your Tribe of Ferocious Sisters
Bare your teeth and growl
Get gritty and wrench your gut
Speak your truth with a deafening roar
Refuse to let your voice be silenced
Because Girl Warrior,
You are one of the Remarkable Ones.