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Be Honest

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Be honest Girl Warrior. Speak up. Speak out. Speak your truth. Express yourself.  Whatever that means to you. However that looks. Tell it like it is. Or how you wish it were. Or could be.

Be bold. Audacious in your speech. Intrepid with your message. Inspiring with your language. Be scrupulous and sincere in your communication.

It’s important that you not use your words to slaughter. Or cause harm in any way, shape or form. For this serves no useful or valuable purpose in the long run. Don’t use your words for deceit, manipulation or any type of guile or chicanery.

Instead, use your words to empower. Elucidate. Illuminate. Exalt. Demystify. Add clarity and coherence. Take ownership of what comes out of your mouth. Remember always, that your words matter and they do have an affect.

So make them good Girl Warrior. Make them honestly good.