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Our Mothers. Our Heroes.

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One of the questions I ask all the Girl Warriors that I interview is, “Who is/are your Girl Warrior Hero(s)?” Their esteemed heroes cover the gamut from influential women in history to famous present day pop culture figures, rock stars to scientist, spiritual teachers, political leaders, authors and artists. Many have said their daughters are their heroes. I can relate to that. Mine are too. But so many of them said their mother was their hero. I can also relate to that as well because my mother (Ma, the original Girl Warrior) was and always will be my biggest hero. So in honor of Mother’s Day, I’m sharing some of the extraordinary tributes these Girl Warriors made to their mothers.

Deep Pillay

As clichéd as this sounds, my Girl Warrior hero is my Mom. She’s not my role model because she’s my mom. She’s my role model because of everything she has achieved during her time and because of the type of person she is. She’s the most resilient, determined, and strong person I have ever come across. I learned a great deal from her. And I learned a great deal about myself from her. She influenced the way I think, the way I act, and the way I handle every situation. She constantly tells me “It takes all kinds of people to make the world” and this is what helps me get along with every single person I meet, irrespective of my differences with them. A lot of people look at the phrase “I’m becoming my mom” in a negative way. For me, I’ll consider myself lucky if I become even half the woman she is.

Kris Greffard

My mom – the classiest woman I know. She is goal driven and always puts her family first. My mom never missed a game from the time I started playing sports until last year when I retired my baseball cleats. She is soft and sensitive but throws the hardest knee strikes I know for a 73-year-old woman. She has taught me to always take the high road and never settle for anything less than what I deserve.

Harmony Appell

My mother was my best friend. Ask anyone who knew us and we were attached at the hip. We didn’t spend any time away from each other. We taught dance together every night at the studio; we did our grocery shopping together; we did everything together. Everything I am and everything I know, I owe to my mom.

Symentha Holmes

My mom who is a true Girl Warrior and one of the most selfless, giving, caring, nurturing beings I ever met!

Lise Beauchesne

My Mum. She’s a badass and doesn’t take crap from anyone. She’s the sweetest lady and will be your biggest cheerleader. If I could have half her confidence I’d be golden.

Maureen Washington

I would say all the women in my family. Gramma, Mum, Aunt, Sister, Daughters, Sister-in-Laws, Nieces, and Cousins. I know most of their stories through their life’s journey and they all inspire me with their courage to hold their heads up through their fabulous successes and struggles.

Maria Boorman

My grandmother was a true Girl Warrior. She grew up in Cuba and never stopped fighting for justice. Even as a young woman and young mother she worked within political circles to create change. She had a wonderful intelligence and insatiable curiosity. She would debate the rights and wrongs of the world with me from a very young age and I was free to express any opinion without judgement. I think this gave me the confidence to become all that I could be. Beyond her I feel the presence of the all those women who have rebelled and fought before me and with me.

Kyla Gagnon

MY MOMMA. She was a rock star and made all things possible. She created her story the way she wanted it to be read. She was incredible, and I watched her pave the way for me. She showed me that hard work and passion could really change lives. My mom put herself in night school when I was 3 to earn her nursing degree while working full time as a single parent. (My father is also amazing and has always remained a strong source of love and support in my life.) I watched my mom save and buy her first home for us when I was 5 and then upgrade when I was 7. She lived her life with passion, determination and complete love for humanity.

Wendy Foster

My Mom. She has done so much with so little. She has overcome so much. She has given of herself, even at her lowest points. She is persistent, dedicated, and never gives up. She has thrived (though most would not see that at first glance.) She has a very big heart. I’ve learned many life lessons through her.

Christin Petelski

My mom – just because she’s awesome in every way!

Kristy Clark

Definitely my mom. She was a young single mom from a rough background. We grew up very poor. She taught me to always stand up for myself and not let anyone or anything hold me back. At the same time, she taught me to love and respect people for who they are, and how forgiveness works.


Where Would we be Without our Mothers.